Should I rebuild my site or spend more on marketing?

Eveline N.
Eveline N.
  • 7 years ago


I have an online store that I built with tools on one of the mega hosting sites.

I’m not really happy with their system and was thinking about switching to Shopify.

There are a few things that I don’t like about their commerce system. First, I cant do coupons or flash sales, they don’t have many options available for shipping, but the big one is their SEO system is not very good.

I've been told it will cost $5000 to rebuild the site on Shopify by a local web guy but I don't think I can swing that much right now.

My question is should I have someone build a new site on Shopify or should I invest that money into marketing?

have about 50 products and need to be able to manage the website and content as I add new items.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Welcome Eveline,

$5,000 actually sounds low to me. I can't see how they could do a quality site with good SEO for that money.

That said, I would prioritize marketing/SEO as long as you can live with the issues with the commerce platform for the short term then move the site when you grow.