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down2business is an online-only open access journal and private knowledge sharing community for small business owners supported by article processing charges (APCs).

Aims and scope

The aim of down2business is to provide small business owners and those wishing to start a new business informative, unbiased content to assist them in all aspects of their endeavor.

To that end, down2business will:

Publish helpful, innovative, original articles that assist small business owners start, manage and grow their businesses.

Publish informative articles and how-to’s in a broad array of business disciplines.

Provide an opportunity for small business owners to interact and discuss issues amongst their peers.

Provide interactive tools to assist business owners in day to day tasks and planing.

Provide best practice information in multiple business disciplines.

Focus on quality writing and content that can be easily understood and implemented by small business owners.

Editorial Board

down2business’s editorial board oversees the review process of submitted articles. The editorial board consist of well respected current and former small business owners with a background in journalism and other communications disciplines.

Editorial policies

down2business only accepts high quality articles which help small business owners in some aspect of starting or running their companies.

  • Articles should should offer concrete advice or information based on the real world experiences of the author and should be no more than 5,000 words.
  • Submissions must include a descriptive headline, sub head and summary of up to 250 words. Articles with misleading or obtuse headlines will be rejected.
  • Authors may include up to 7 images and/or infographics. Images and infographics must be properly credited and may not contain watermarks or branding.
  • Submitted articles may be subject to a double-blind peer review process prior to acceptance.
  • The editorial board will evaluate submitted articles, those that meet the criteria for publication may be sent out for peer review by established members of the community.
  • Articles may not include promotional or advertising content. Articles deemed to be promotional in nature by either the editorial board or peer review will not be accepted.
  • Authors may be allowed to resubmit an article if it was rejected on editorial grounds after changes. Authors that submit articles deemed promotional/advitorial in nature will not be allowed to resubmit.
  • Articles selected for publication will not be edited by down2business. It is the responsibility of the author to verify the copyright, content, readability and style of their submission. Articles rejected for readability and/or style may be corrected and resubmitted.
  • Articles authors must be an employee, member or owner of the submitting company/organization who is currently employed in the discipline represented in the article and must have at least 5 years of experience in the field.
  • Authors and their companies/organizations are solely responsible for the articles content.
  • The author and/or company may not publish the submitted article in any form in any language for a period of 3 months without the express, written consent of down2business.


down2business will publish the final version of accepted articles in the appropriate category on

down2business will make the article available exclusively to verified business owners for one week (exclusive period.)

The article will be featured in down2business’s weekly email newsletter sent to all verified business owners.

During the exclusive period, the author, at their discretion, will be permitted to answer questions regarding the content of their submission raised by verified business owners on

After the exclusive period, down2business will make the article available to all other site members and visitors.

After the exclusive period, down2business will publicize the article via the member's email newsletter and various social media outlets.

down2business may syndicate the article to other media sources when appropriate.

down2business reserves the right to include the submitted article in field specific e-books and journals when appropriate giving full credit to the author.


Authors must specify their level of contribution to the article, any employees, clients, affiliations, funding sources, or financial holdings that might raise questions about possible sources of bias prior to approval.

Authors must make substantial contributions to the conception of the article.

Authors must make final approval of the version to be published.

Authors must agree to be accountable for all aspects of the article.

down2business allows for ghost writing and/or editorial assistance so long as the credited author is the the owner of the intellectual property, the origin of the articles concept and has reviewed and approved the article prior to submission.

Style Guidlines

Submitted articles must conform to AP Style guidelines (

Article Approval Process

When a new article is submitted, our editorial board reviews the submission for style, appropriateness of content and promotional compliance. If the submission is preliminary approved by the editorial board it will move to the the peer-review process. After peer review, the author and their company/organization will be notified if the submission was approved or if changes need to be made.

Article licensing

Before down2business accepts an article, authors and their company/organization must agree to our licensing terms which allow down2business exclusive rights to publish and use the submission.

At the discretion of the author, articles submitted to down2business may be released under the CC BY-ND license three month after the publish date. This license allows readers to distribute, or reuse articles for commercial or non-commercial purposes so long as the article appears exactly as originally published with attribution.

The base APC for all articles on down2business is $1,400. If the author chooses to bypass the Creative Commons licensing, a surcharge of $400 will be added.

Please contact down2business at if you have any questions about APC, discounts or licensing.

Article processing charges

down2business is an online-only open access journal and private community for small business owners supported by article processing charges (APCs).

Effective for new submissions received on and after May 1, 2016, the base APC for articles published under a CC BY-ND license is $1,400. The base APC for articles published without Creative Commons licensing is $1,800.

Discounts and surcharges

Discounts are available for authors who are small business owners or members of certain small business advocacy organizations.

down2business may offer full or partial APC waivers, promotional discounts and other discounts may be available to authors or companies/organizations.

Please contact down2business at if you have any questions about APC, discounts or licensing.

Prior publication

down2business will not consider any article that has been published or is under consideration elsewhere in any language.