About down2business

down2business is site for small business owners to discuss issues, ask (and answer) questions and learn new ways to grow their business. 

down2business is:

  • A community
    down2business is a place to meet and help other business owners with the scores of decisions we all have to make every day. Whether you just want to vent to a group of people who are experiencing similar issues or you need advice on how do handle a challenge you're facing, down2business is for you.
  • of business owners
    While the content on the site will be visible to the public, most of the functionality will be available only to verified small business owners. Please take a moment to verify your account after registering so we can give you full access to the site.
  • with high quality content and great resources.
    Our articles are written by professionals with a long history of high level work in the field they are writing about along with small business owners sharing their experiences. Click bait headlines and articles written by self proclaimed "experts" offer no real value and are just a waste of your time.
  • There are no ads
    We don't want to waste any of your valuable time with distractions. Ads can disrupt discussions and comprehension of content, slow page loads, deliver malware and make the design look ugly. That's not what we're about, there will be no ads on down2business.
  • and we won't sell your information.
    There's enough of that online and we don't want any part of it. Beyond down2business, we also own traditional small businesses. We are working to create a place where owners like us can help each other free from worries about personal privacy or data mining.

We have lots of great stuff planned for the future of and our full content library will be launching shortly. If you have any ideas on how to make down2business better, we'd love to hear them!