Educational Seminars for Employees?

Stephen D.
Stephen D.
  • 6 years ago

Hi all,

I have 5 employees (3 full, 2 part-time) working with me at my shop.

In a few mouths, I'm planing to to go to a trade show a few hundred miles away and will be taking a few seminars to learn a few new skills and polish up on a few others.

I left the brochure in the shop the other day and one of my guys asked me if he could go as well as he thought the seminars looked interesting.

He has been with me from the beginning (over 4 years) and is a really good worker so I would like to take him but it will end up costing me at least $2000 so I'm not sure I can justify the additional expense.

Are there great benefits of taking him along vs me teaching him what I learned?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I have but it's really a decision you have to make. You have to decide if you want to make that kind of investment into your employee. You say he has been with you for years so it may be worth it.

Thanks Ana,

I would like to bring him but I'm concerned about the cost, paying for his time when he is not working and lack of production at the shop when we are away (4 days).

Ana M.
Best Answer

I see.

Could he go alone? maybe you could send him in your place with the understanding that he will be responsible for training the staff on what he learned?

I guess it all depends on what you were planning on learning/doing at the convention.

Great idea! Thanks!

I can offer it as a sort of bonus because he's been such a good employee and also get to see my son's baseball game that I was going to miss!