Focus on business or focus on family

Emmanuelle S.
Emmanuelle S.
  • 6 years ago

I have recently had an unexpected uptick in new clients, at the same time, my wife and I have decided the time is right to have our another child.

When I started the business, my youngest was just a baby and I worked at home, which was great. As he and the business grew, I moved my office and he went to childcare during the day.

Now, with the new work coming and a new baby not far behind, I'm questioning whether or not something will have to give. I enjoy my current clients but am wondering how to handle the addition work along with family obligations.

Are any of you parents who have faced a similar situation? Would you recommend not taking on the new clients and focus on family first?

Those are tough decisions, can you add staff to offset the additional time? How many hours a week are you working and how would the additional workload effect your schedule?