To cold call or not to cold call, that is the question.

Nelson E.
Nelson E.
  • 6 years ago

I have been having pretty good success with cold calling for my business (printing) but it's really time consuming so I'm wondering if there are more cost effective ways of generating business.

EDIT: I don't do online sales, mostly local and New England.

If its working for you, I would stick with it.

That said, for me, there are much better ways to get sales through online channels. Most people I know end up searching Google for what they need so I focus on SEO, Adwords and Facebook while also making sure our site shows we can solve their problem and has an effective CTA.

Then again, I suck at face to face so your millage may vary, lots of people do great with the door to door thing.

It may depend on your line of business, for example, if you are a house painter, it may make sense to drive around and note any building that needs paint then make a list and call the owner.

That said, you have to be able to handle rejection. if you can, it can be a very effective tool for sales.

For a lot of businesses, you will get more leads/sales online.