Increasing client base

Richard R.
Richard R.
  • 6 years ago

I have a small web design business, and I would like to build my client base.

Most of my current clients came through word of mouth or the local Chamber of Commerce and I have very little experience in sales or marketing (I am an IT person by trade).

Does anyone have any suggestions for increasing my sales or client base?

Perhaps you should team up with an online marketer or SEO specialist in your area?

They may be able to a) help you by offering your services to their client base while you reciprocate with yours b) allow you to offer additional services to new clients and c) generate a recurring revenue.

Are there any additional services could you provide to your existing base of clients that you could farm out?

Networking with other business owners can help. You mentioned the chamber of commerce, have you looked into other networking groups or business MeetUps?

Also, always carry business cards. Tell anyone and everyone what you do and show your passion for it. Eventually you'll get more clients.