Do you send gifts/anything to good customers?

Gretchen P.
Gretchen P.
  • 6 years ago

Hi folks,

I have never done this but I'm considering send gifts (small) to some of our better customers possibly a gift card or promo item.

I'm not really a marketing guru so any thoughts of this is a good idea or if you have experience with this would be appreciated.

Hi Gretchen,

That depends, how much do customers spend with you each year?

We send out big gift baskets to the offices of certain (100k+) customers around the holidays and always get a VERY positive response (they are BIG gift baskets).

If they are spending over $100/year, a $10 gift card/thank you note would not be out of line.

Thanks Jake,

We sell plumbing fixtures directly to contractors but the homeowner ultimately decides what to purchase. My though is to keep us in the mind of the contractors.

We do gift baskets to large clients as well and it works well for us. Stay away from baskets with wine or alcohol as you may cause a problem or offend someone at the workplace.

I would do it. Send a hand written card as well if you can.