Dealing with "window shoppers"

Dennis M.
Dennis M.
  • 6 years ago

Hi all,

I own a small pet store and have a lot of mothers who come in with their kids with no intention of buying anything.

Any thought on how/if I could discourage this or turn them into customers?

I would focus on converting them to customers rather then dissuading them. Have you thought about starting some workshops for the kids? Pet care or Meet the new puppies kind of things?

Get the kids excited to have a pet and you may have some loyal customers in the future.

Encourage the browsers, if you take a negative attitude to them, it will hurt your sales down the line.

Some browsers are just shy and afraid to ask for help or ask questions. Go talk to them and tell them about the new fish/puppy/boa constrictor they are looking at. You never know, they might be interested but don't have much knowledge in the subject so are embarrassed to ask questions!