Cory Kennedy-Darby
  • CEO of EsportsClips

Never Forget That Your Employees Represent The Company’s Image To Outsiders

We are living in this age where there are fewer gatekeepers between everyone and where information is more accessible than ever. I hate it, more specifically I hate the culture of spam in sales it has created.

When sales & marketers reach out directly to me, I expect there to be a degree of research done. Instead, there’s nearly zero research completed or a joke amount such as searching for an individual with a title such as CEO.

Let’s look at a recent example from a company called, MediaForce:

Hi Cory,

How has your marketing team positioned you for success in today’s data-rich business environment.

We’ve reached out to your VP of marketing, and are hoping they’ve told you about us — we’re experts at interpreting digital data, and harnessing it for business growth.

Our VP of Analytics would love to chat; you guys have a lot to talk about. Would sometime next week be a good time for phone conversation?



Let’s start with the fact that this message starts off lying to me. We’re a team of 3 co-founders, our startup is in the media & esports industry, none of us have been reached out by this company, and we don’t have a VP of marketing.

I pulled up their website with the assumption they looked at the market space we’re in. Nope. Nothing at all. Their company isn’t aligned with our industry, currently doesn’t track any data in our industry and doesn’t have anything of value for our startup.

Ugh, this company just costed me the most valuable asset I & our startup has, time.

Wrap Up

The level of acceptance around these sort of spammy tactics is disgusting. Companies that allow their employees to use these spammy tactics shouldn’t be rewarded with leads. Instead, these companies must be shown how this behaviour tarnishes their image.

What I can gather from just this small interaction is that MediaForce is willing to lie to potential clients, spam them and doesn’t appreciate their time.

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