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Benjamin L.
Benjamin L.
  • 7 years ago


I have created my own start-up and am trying different methods for attracting clients online. My first step was creating a Facebook page for my company, but only my friends and family have "liked" anything so far. Then I tried Google Adwords. People have clicked on me but have not contacted me for work. I also signed up for a daily deal site, but once again only a few people purchased vouchers and those were friends as well.

Over the past three months, I've tried everything I can think of. How can I attract customers to my website and online presence?


Re: attracting new customers

When I first started out, some of the first jobs I did, I did for free.

Doing my first few jobs/projects for free helped me in a variety of ways.

  1. I was able to videotape and obtain promotional photos for my website
  2. I received great testimonials
  3. Asked the clients I worked for, to refer me to other customers. In return for my work, I also asked them to add me on social media and help publicize my business.
  4. Was able to try different business strategies and see which ones were the most effective
  5. Received direct feedback about my work. Allowed me to improve.

A few months is also not a long time to gauge your effectiveness online. I would be patient and give it more time. Try different things. But do not stress.

Hi Ben,

As a web developer one of the best pieces of advice I give my clients is keep it simple. Personalization is great for small business websites. However, don't go overboard. When people add alot of designs, interesting text, or images unrelated to the product/service, it only confuses the viewer (and looks unprofessional).

From the moment someone looks at your website they should be able to instantly know what your service/product is and how to contact you.

My advice? Keep it simple. Keep it on message. Keep it professional.

Good luck!

Congrats on the new business! I suggest checking out:

They have some great tips you might want to look at.

Hope it helps.


I am not quite sure the nature of your business, however you might want to highlight yourself as a solo operator. By that I mean focus on selling YOU, not just the business.

Create an "About Me" Page Highlight Your Contact Info Put a picture of you and your work

Make it more about you being a solo operator.

Just an idea!

Hi Ben,

I agree with Cooper, but only to some extent. Focusing on promoting yourself as the founder/creator of your business is a great way to reach out to clients. People appreciate hiring someone they can relate to or buying a product with a backstory. This would also help if your website is less professional than your competition since customers will be more forgiving to a single business owner creating their own site.

This works when you are first starting out or want to stay small. However in order to compete with bigger or more established companies, I suggest investing in a web developer to create a professional looking website.

Creating a personal story about YOU does work. But as you grow I would suggest using the tone "We" and "Us" so that you emphasize your business and can stand up against tougher competition.