Getting first clients

Chance B.
Chance B.
  • 7 years ago


I'm starting a web design company and am trying to figure out the best way to start building clients. I'm just out of school and have no sales experience so any thought would help.


What kind of experience do you have? Are you a designer or a coder?

Hi abigale,

I went went to school for web design so I can do HTML and some javascript and also can make themes for WordPress.



A lot of places want to do commerce sites so I thought I'd ask.

I would offer to do a few sites for local small businesses for free and ask them for referrals and recommendations in return.

Think about partnering with a php or rails person and maybe an online marketer. That way you could offer a full suite of services and they may have existing clients that could use your help.

Sid S.
Best Answer

I would do as Abbigail says and hit the pavement. Go to local networking events (check your COC, MeetUps and maybe Linked in) make as many connections as possible and and out cards.

Good luck

Thanks Sid, that's what I'm going to do.



No problem. That meant Chamber of Commerce.